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How to Install WP Spell Check

1. Download the '' file from the link above 2. Go to the 'add new' page under the plugins section of the WordPress administration panel 3. Click on 'upload plugin' and select the '' file. 4. Activate the WP Spell Check plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress 5. Configure the plugin by going to the Options menu that...
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How to proofread your WordPress website

Proofreading your WordPress website is a critical step in the process of launching a website or adding new content to an existing site or blog.

When publishing a website or new content

You will want to proofread your website to avoid publishing content with spelling and grammar errors, or any other mistakes. You will also want to...
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How to spell check your WordPress website in 5 minutes or less

Maintaining and updating a WordPress Website is time-consuming and can lead to trouble if you do not make sure that your website is error free so that those errors do not show up on Google. It is, therefore, critical to take care of WordPress spelling errors before your website visitors see them. These errors are especially...
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