WHY WP Spell Check

We kept running into spelling errors and issues all over the websites that we work on and with the overwhelming number of places we need to check for spelling errors, we decided to create WP Spell Check to do all the Heavy work for us on the background while we are working on other stuff.

Imagine a website with 20 pages & 20 posts.

Each page/post has:

page/post content, Title, SEO Title, SEO Description, Page Slug, Post Tag, Post Category, Menus etc

That is (20+20) x 9(items) = 360 places you need to check for spelling errors. Now if you spend ten seconds on small items and 30 seconds on each page, you are looking at a total of 44 minutes for small items and 20 minutes for page reviews. The plugin can scan a site that size within minutes and save you all the time and headaches. It will find spelling errors in places you didn't know existed.

WP Spell Check is a powerful WordPress plugin that scans your site for spelling errors and gives you one easy location to view and fix all of the reported errors. The free version can check all pages and posts while the premium version can check your entire website for spelling errors and send you an email to inform you of any errors.