WP Spell Check Knowledge Base

Q?How do I find Short Codes that are not working on my WordPress website?

When a shortcode is not working on your WordPress website, it will be displayed on the HTML output of the page like this: [contact form content 8768768g].
WP Spell Check scans and finds the ones that are not working and displays them on the results page so you can fix the shortcode and get your website to function properly again.

Q?What are empty fields? Why should I bother finding them?

Empty fields are fields on various areas of your website that would normally be filled out to help your SEO. Finding them and filling them out will help you improve your SEO rankings. YAY 🙂

Q?Why am I not receiving emails?

Emails can sometimes be blocked from sending by hosting providers. To ensure emails can be properly delivered try using the plug-in WP Mail SMTP

Q?I have Pro version & I noticed errors not showing up in the scan results. How come it’s not being picked up?

WP Spell Check (Base version) will scan a maximum of 100 pages and posts and the PRO version will scan the first 500 pages and posts on your website. If you have more pages on your website, the remaining pages and posts will not be checked for errors. If you need to scan more, the Enterprise version will scan an unlimited number of pages and posts. You can upgrade to Enterprise from within your account while you are logged in.

Q?Why isn’t the scan finishing on my websites?

This is an error that can happen as a result of insufficient PHP memory on the server. To confirm this, check your server's PHP error log. Our plugin (WP Spell Check) tends to stay on the Scan mode indefinitely. To stop it, click on another section of the website to scan for spelling errors (i.e click on Scan Media Files)

If you are seeing this error then you will need to increase your PHP memory limit to one of the following:

- 256 MB
- 512 MB

Check with your hosting provider to see what is the maximum amount of memory available to your server setup.

Q?If the Suggested Spellings aren’t correct, how do I stop them from implementing?

If you do not want to use any of the suggested spellings, you can click on the cancel button just below the dropdown menu to cancel out of the change.

Q?Can I do all 3 bulk edit options with a single Save All Changes?

You can only choose one action per word, but you may make any combination of actions among multiple words and save them all at once

Q?Does WP Spell Check Support WordPress Multisite?

WP Spell Check supports WordPress Multisites. You can install it through the Network Admin Dashboard, and it will set up for every site on the network.

Q?What does the Clean up Database and Deactivate button do?

The "Clean up Database and Deactivate button" will go through and remove all database entries that WP Spell Check has created and then deactivate itself. If you wish to continue using WP Spell Check after, you can reactivate it on the WordPress plugins page and it will do the necessary database setup.

Q?Can WP Spell Check handle large websites?

WP Spell Check is designed to handle websites with tens of thousands of pages and posts if needed. These scans can take several minutes or even hours for extremely large websites, and some web servers may prevent WP Spell Check from running a scan for long periods of time. If you are experiencing difficulty with scanning websites with a large number of pages and posts, please consult your hosting company.

Q?How long do scans take?

When running a scan, WP Spell Check gives you an estimate for how long it will take based on the number of pages and posts that your website has. Depending on your web server's computing power, your scanning times may be higher or lower than the estimated time.

Q?Why does my API Key not work?

There are a variety of reasons that an API key might not work. To fix this, you can try:

1. Ensure that the API Key has been entered correctly
2. Ensure that the Website's URL has been entered correctly
3. Ensure that WP Spell Check Pro or Enterprise versions are installed and activated in your WordPress plugin directory page
4. Log into your profile page and check that your account has not expired.

If the problem persists, please contact us.

Q?What SEO Plugins are covered by WP Spell Check?

Currently WP Spell Check scans for page title and descriptions from the SEO plugins All In One SEO Pack, SEO Ultimate, and WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Q?How do i add mutliple words to My Dictionary or Ignore list?

Select the words and and from the top or bottom menu select the desired action. You can only add to dictionary or add to ignore list at the same time.

Q?What is my ignore list?

The words that are added to the ignore list, will simply be ignored and will not show up on the scan results anymore.

Q?What is My Dictionary?

We have created My Dictionary for your custom words or words that are used but they are not on the dictionary yet.

You can Add, Edit or delete words from My Dictionary.

The basic version of WP Spell Check has some social media and common internet names added to My Dictionary.  We will continue to build the My Dictionary list for your your convenience.

Q?I see some words already on My Dictionary….

For your convenience, we have added some common ineternet and Social Media names that are not included on dictionary. You can edit or delete these words as needed.

Q?Can I use one API key on 2 sites or more?

No. Once you verify your domain through the Options page, the API key will be locked to that domain forever and it can not be used on other website. If you need additional API keys, you can upgrade your account when you login and purchase additional API keys.

Q?Can i use one liscenece on 2 sites or more?

NO. Once you verify your domain through the options page, your API key will be locked to that domain forever. It can not be used for other domain. You can upgrade your account once you login and purchase additional API keys for your new websites.

Q?If I update words on my pages/post, is it going to damage my website?

In some cases the CSS codes are setup for certain word size/lenghth. If you change and apply a suggested spelling, it may change the looks of your page/s and your pages may need to get fixed as a result. Talk to your webmaster if you are not sure about doing this. WP Spell Check does not take responsibility for changing your website layout as a result of applying suggested spellings.

Q?Should i back up my website before installing WP Spell Check?

YES. We definitely recommend backing up your database and other components before installing Any new plugin. We do not take responsibility for any arising conflicts with other 3rd party plugins.

Q?How do I benefit from WP Spell Check ?

If you have a website with with 100 pages/posts, imagine how long it would take to go through every page and check, page content, tags, categories, SEO title and description etc. WP Spell Check Scans your entire site within minutes and prints out a list of errors that shows the page and where the error was found. You can save a lot of time and embarrassment by purchasing WP Spell Check Pro.

Q?Is the Free version going to be developed?

Yes, both the Free Version and the Pro version will be updated updated together.

Q?which prts of my website gets checked fr spelling?

Visit https://wpspellcheck.com/purchase-options/ for a complete list. New website components will be added in our future releases. Visit our Facebook and Twitter page for updates.

Q?Does this plugin check my website for grammar?

No, it does not. Only Spell Check.

Q?How lng does each scan take?

Depending on the size of your website, scan time varies. The larger your website, the longer it takes for the scanner to go through every page and post.

Q?How does this plugin work?

The plugin runs on the background of your WordPress website and scans all parts of your website for spelling errors.

Q?What issues can happen with updating slugs?

Some links to pages and posts can be hard coded to go to a specific URL. Such links will not get automatically updated when you update a page or post slug with WP Spell Check.

Links that will be updated include menus which are managed via the WordPress administration panel, and blog feeds which automatically display the latest blog posts.

Q?Do you provide support with this plugin?

We do Not offer support for installation of the product on your website. With the purchase of the plugin, you will receive one year of updates to the plugin. We will be releasing updates on monthly bases with added features and improvements.

Q?Are there other languages available for this plugin?

We will be releasing new languages in the new versions of the plugin. Check our Twitter and Facebook Page.

Q?How many languages does the plugin support?

As of now it supports 3 versions of English for Canadian, American and British English. You can choose your language on the Options page

Q?Does the FREE plugin check everything on my website?

The FREE plugin only checks contents of pages and posts on your website. For a more extensive check on everything on your website, you can purchase our premium version here. The premiuim version checks your website

Q?What are the benefits of getting WP Spell Check Pro?

The software checks your entire website for spell check. You do not have to go to through pages, posts, titles, descriptions, forms, menus, slugs … etc to check spelling. The plugin does this for you and shows you the spelling mistakes.