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Errors on your website can reduce sales by as much as 60%

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WordPress spell check plugin corporate websites

Corporate Sites

Audit thousands of pages with one click to find All the errors and fix them

WordPress spellcheck plugin for marketing agencies


Save time in finding errors on your sites & get notified when spelling errors happen.

Small Business

Audit & and proofread your website and build your professional image

Built for Corporate Sites, Agencies, and Small Businesses using WordPress


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Speed Up The Auditing Process

Download the fastest Auditing and Proofreading plugin for your WordPress website and try it for Free! 

With our proofreading plugin, you will  quickly find & fix the errors on your website. 

Start building your professional image today!

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Our Story

Why we built this WordPress Spell Check plugin?

I ran a Digital Marketing Agency for 8 years and we offered WordPress Web design, maintenance and Search Engine Optimization services to our clients. 

From time to time, customers would call me and complain about spelling errors,  broken grammar and other types of errors on their websites.

One time, one of my customers called and said: “Mostafa, Why is my name misspelled on Google? “

And Since our team made the mistake, I didn’t know what to say! …

Another time we realized that we have been sending paid traffic to one of our own landing pages and the Shortcode for the opt-in form on the page was broken, because the plugin was broken. 


We realized a couple of weeks later when we didn’t get any opt-ins. 

We found out that the plugin was deactivated, all the ad money was wasted, and we were embarrassed in front of our visitors and customers.

The problem is that when people see errors on our websites, they just leave. They won’t notify us. 

In their mind they think: if these people take care of their own website like this, imagine what they do with our stuff. 

This was costing our customers and us in credibility and sales. We even lost a couple of customers and as you can imagine, it was very painful!

So I said to myself: This can NOT happen again!!

How is WP Spell Check different?

With other softwares and browser extensions, we had to go through the whole website page-by-page to find and fix the errors; and we don’t have the time or the manpower to do that. Especially on large websites, it was impossible to find and fix the errors! Imagine a site with 10,000 pages! Good luck with that!

We need a solution to spell check entire WordPress in seconds! 

 Studies and research showed that spelling errors reduce the business’s sales by 44%. When the spelling mistakes were fixed, sales jumped up right away! Other studies have shown that spelling and grammar errors make a huge impact on a company’s reputation, brand, and sales overall.

Therefore, we needed a plugin to:

  • Spell check & grammar check the entire WordPress website quickly and make it error free. 
  • Find spelling mistakes on the whole website and verify spelling on various parts of our WordPress site
  • Find SEO Empty Fields so we can add content and rank higher on Google Rankings
  • Find broken shortcodes and broken HTML code that were increasing our bounce rates and hurting sales conversions
  • Notify us when errors happen so we can fix them ASAP
  • Monitor all the websites we managed as a WordPress Agency
  • And do this all in the background, so we don’t have to visit every page on our websites

 So we built it!

Now you can 

  • Spell check entire WordPress site with one click
  • Do a sitewide spell check on your pages and blogs for various errors!
  • Get notified via email when Shortcodes or HTML code errors occur on your website
  • Save a massive amount of time with proofreading your WordPress site
  • Improve your SEO in new ways with the power of AI and ChatGPT
  • and much more

Since we launched in 2015, WP Spell Check Plugin has been downloaded all over the world. Every day we continue to improve the plugin and our services, and we work hard to deliver the best product to our users.

If you own a WordPress website and want to proofread your website for spelling errors or grammar check on your website, download our Free Version and try it for yourself.

I hope that WP Spell Check will help you fix the spelling errors on your WordPress website and save you a ton of time and embarrassments. 


Mostafa Hosseini, Founder at WP Spell Check, WordPress Spell Check Plugin for WordPress

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How do I spell check entire WordPress site?

To spell check the whole WordPress website, you can install WP Spell Check Plugin to run a scan across all pages on your website with one click and fix the spelling errors.

Is there a spell checker on WordPress?

You can install various spell check plugins on your WordPress website, to find and fix the errors. WP Spell Check is the only plugin that checks the entire website for spelling errors.

How does the WordPress Spell Check Plugin work?

WP Spell Check operates silently in the background, scanning every page and post for spelling and grammar errors. It also includes features to optimize SEO and identify broken short codes.

Can I fix spelling errors on my entire WordPress site with one click?

You can locate all errors with a single click, but you'll need to review the error list and apply the appropriate fix for each entry. WP Spell Check Pro enables you to apply a fix to the entire site if the error is repeated multiple times.

Is this WordPress Spell Check Plugin suitable for large websites with thousands of pages?

Yes, the Pro version can do a sitewide spell check for websites with up to 10,000 pages and 10,000 posts, totaling 20,000 pages.

How long does it take to spell check entire WordPress site?

Depending on your server's power and capacity, our WP Spell Check can typically scan and spell-check smaller websites within seconds and larger sites within minutes.