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Errors on your website can reduce sales by as much as 60%

WP Spell check does

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Broken Code

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Spell Check various parts of your website with One Click and edit them from the results list

Run a scan on your pages and posts and improve grammar and styling of your content.

Find broken HTML code and broken Shortcodes on your websites, fix them and improve user experience and SEO. 

WordPress Broken HTML Broken Shortcode finder

Looking for ideas to improve SEO?  We got you. Find all the SEO Empty fields on you site, add content and rank higher on Google.

Corporate Sites

Audit thousands of pages with one click to find All the errors and fix them


Save time in finding errors on your sites & get notified when errors happen.

Small Business

Audit & and proofread your website and build your professional image

Built for Corporate Sites, Agencies, and Small Business



what people say

Some of our Awesome Testimonials

I found this plugin very useful on several websites I maintain. It allowed me to quickly spot and change spelling mistakes. Highly recommended.

@escobardportfolio Developer

This is an amazing program that helps me catch mistakes I may have missed. Keep up the great work

@coffeedrinker Plugin user

It helped us to find a lot of hidden content on the site that was hurting us with SEO. a lot of Lorem Spam here and there and multi languages details…

Ali Tavanayan Vancouver, Canada

I emailed the support team about 1 small bug I found, and they fixed it immediately, thanked me, and followed up. Couldn't be happier. I didn't realize how many spelling…

electroset Plugin User

Truly a great plugin for the developer who does not write the content but is nevertheless responsible for proper spellings!

David Solomon Charleston SC, USA

Presentation is everything! Other than broken links, misspelled words create an image of poor design. WP Spell helps our team maintain a professional web presence.

Adam Halpern Houston, USA
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