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Spell Check

Spell Check the entire website with one click and and create a comprehensive list of all the errors.

wordpress website audit

Scan EVERYTHING on your WordPress website. Any place that you enter information with your hands, you may make spelling errors that are visible to public and search engines. Find them ALL with One Click!
wordpress website audit

Apply a fix to the entire site and save 2-5 minutes per word! That’s major time saving…

Proofread a single page when you are done writing and eliminate all the embarrassing errors.

Build your own custom dictionary of industry terms and internal lingo.

Grammar Check

Run a grammar check on your website with a click of a button and improve grammar and styling on your website. 

Scan results are sorted by the number of errors on each page so you can fix the page with most errors first. 

Grammar check your page/posts once you are done writing and and fix the errors.

Choose whether you want to audit your pages or posts

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Experience the fastest auditing and proofreading plugin for your WordPress website

SEO Empty Fields

WP Spell Check is compatible with the top SEO plugins and audits various parts of your website for SEO opportunities. 

Find all the fields that were left empty and are hurting your SEO, add content and rank higher on Google. 

This feature is great for agencies who want to find more SEO work for their team members and people who are looking for new ideas to rank higher on Google.

Broken Code Check

Get notified when errors happen on your website so you can fix them ASAP and maintain your professional image.

Sometimes plugins deactivate as a result of code conflicts. This happens when you update the WordPress core or other plugins on your website. Therefor, It is important to know when they are broken so you can fix your website ASAP. 

Find out which pages contain broken HTML that visible to your site visitors and search engines and fix them ASAP.

Find pages that are displaying shortcodes on your pages instead of proper content. Broken code on your pages will increase your bounce rate and they will hurt your SEO.


3 versions of English are included in our plugin

wordpress site audit plugin

Choose whether you want to audit pages saved as Draft or not. 

wordpress plugin audit

Agencies and people who manage multiple websites can export and import their settings. 

website audit wordpress

OpenDyslexic font is available for people with the gift of dyslexia. The font is only visible to logged-in admin users and it does NOT affect the site visitors.

wp spell check for dyslexic font for people with dyslexia

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Experience the fastest auditing and proofreading plugin for your WordPress website

Additional Core Benefits

WordPress Spelling Audit

Create a Professional image

Find and fix all the embarrassing spelling errors and create a professional image for your business

Comprehensive reports

Produce a comprehensive report on many spelling flaws that exist in many places on your website

Save time & Resources

Have your computer find the errors for you and save an incredible amount of time

Mistakes you have missed

Quickly and easily catch mistakes you may have missed while maintaining a professional image for your customers.

Find Lorem Ipsum

Find the hidden Lorem Ipsum here and there and multi languages details that may be part of your template and is hurting your SEO but you or your developers didn’t see.

Grammar Audit for WordPress

Avoiding looking unprofessional

Search for grammar and style errors to find and fix them while avoiding looking unprofessional

Single page scan

Scan a single page or post for any grammar errors

Save on resources

Perform a one click audit and save an incredible amount of time

WordPress SEO Empty Fields Audit

Higher ranking on Google

Find areas to improve your SEO if you have done everything for your SEO and you are NOT SURE what to do next to achieve a higher ranking on Google

New SEO ideas for your site

Do a specific search for SEO Empty Fields  on your website to find and add content to fields that were left empty and can help you rank higher on Google search results 

More work for SEO team

Create a list of all SEO Opportunities for  your agency’s SEO team 

E-commerce SEO

Improve SEO for your ecommerce products and improve your sales

Broken Code Audit for WordPress

Find Broken Plugins

Discover all the plugins that are not working on your website and are hurting your sales and revenues

Broken HTML

Find out which pages of your website is showing HTML instead of proper content and is embarrassing you and your business

Broken Shortcodes

Find all the Shortcodes that are not displaying the content and functionality of your website to your visitors and fix them ASAP!

Content NOT showing

Find broken code and short codes that are not displaying the content properly and are hurting your SEO rankings!

Plugin Integrations

Woo Commerce Integration
Yoast SEO Integration
Beaver Builder Integration
Divi Theme Integration

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Experience the fastest auditing and proofreading plugin for your WordPress website