How to spell check your WordPress website in 5 minutes or less

Maintaining and updating a WordPress Website is time-consuming and can lead to trouble if you do not make sure that your website is error free so that those errors do not show up on Google. It is, therefore, critical to take care of WordPress spelling errors before your website visitors see them. These errors are especially...
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Sweat the Small Stuff! Spelling Errors Can Ruin Your Credibility

Some people don't think that spelling matters very much, or that a few typos on a page won't hurt. Unfortunately, a document that's littered with spelling errors can damage your reputation, and even keep customers away. Your website is the public face of your business. It provides a first impression that sticks with a customer, so...
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Even the Best Spellers Still Make Spelling Errors

Some people are hopeless when it comes to spelling and they know it. They always have a dictionary at hand and use spell-check religiously. Other people are very good writers and fine spellers, but have trouble with certain words: for example, “neccessary” versus “necessary” (the second version is correct.) Still other writers THINK they’re good...
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