How to Spell Check WooCommerce Products?

Studies show that spelling errors on eCommerce websites can cost the owner between 60-100% in sales. When those errors were fixed, sale jumped up by almost 80%.

When people see spelling and grammar errors on your website, they just leave. They won't call you and complain about the lack of professionalism, they won't fill out a form, and you just don't know why they left unless you find and fix the errors.

The issue with a WooCommerce online store with hundreds of items on the list is the time that it takes to go through every product page, find and fix the errors. it takes approximately 5-10 minutes per page, but spell checking your product pages is crucial to your sales and conversions.

lucky for you, WP Spell Check proofreads the entire WooCommerce store with One Click. That means you can scan the entire site with ALL the products and find ALL the errors in a few seconds. The amount of time and resources you save with that is insane!

Currently, WP Spell Check scan WooCommerce products for the following fields:

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Product Short Description
  • Category Name and Description
  • Tag Name and Description

This is a Pro only feature. Click Here to see a list of what is included in our Pro Version.

You can also see a list of Support articles and video tutorials on our support page.

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