Even the Best Spellers Make Spelling Errors on wordpress websites

Even the Best Spellers Make Spelling Errors on wordpress websites

Spelling errors on websites

Some people are hopeless with spelling errors on WordPress sites and they know it.

They always have a dictionary at hand and use spell-check religiously.

Other people are talented writers and fine spellers but have trouble with certain words.


The Illusion of Flawless Spellers

Still, other writers THINK they’re good spellers but cannot check their work. If you fall into this category, you need to remind yourself not to be complacent. Even good spellers spell words wrong.

When you’re writing any sort of copy that others are going to be reading—whether it’s a blog post such as this one, an email to a customer, or web copy—spelling counts.

As the means with which we can communicate with one another expands: social media, instant messaging, texting, etc., things like grammar and spelling are falling by the wayside.

But they are no less important than when we relied on letters and faxes to get our message out. If the first communication a customer receives from you has a misspelling, it can reflect badly on your business.

What if you were to receive a promotional postcard in the mail from a company soliciting your business that had a prominent spelling error in the first sentence of its pitch?

You would likely think, this company is not on the ball. They can’t even spell “believe” right! Now consider how a potential customer would feel finding a similar error on your home page.


Elevate Your Website Content with Error-Free Content

Good web copy is short and catchy—and within that economy of words, there’s no room for misspellings.

Spelling errors will stick out like the proverbial sore thumb!


Admit it—if you saw a spelling mistake on a business home page, you’d likely click over to their competitor.

Spelling errors make even the most hard-working and intelligent CEO appear sloppy and the most professional company look like amateurs.


Wpspellcheck.com can help. IT can spell check entire WordPress website for spelling errors on your website and show you all the errors in one place to fix.

Test out our free WordPress Spell Checker version today or check out our pro versions that include tools to increase your SEO ranking.


Thank you and have a great day


PS: you can also check the WP Spell Checker plugin on the WordPress directory or search on your WP backend under Plugins, and then click on Add New Plugin.



Why is it important to pay attention to spelling on websites?

Spelling errors on websites, whether in blog posts, emails, or web copy, can reflect poorly on a business. In an era where communication is diverse and rapid, maintaining good grammar and spelling is crucial for leaving a positive impression on customers and clients.

How do spelling errors impact a company's reputation?

Spelling mistakes can undermine the professionalism of a company, making even diligent CEOs and top-notch businesses appear sloppy or amateurish. Potential customers might be deterred by such errors, choosing to seek services or products from competitors instead.

How can businesses elevate their website content to avoid spelling errors?

Utilizing tools like WP Spell Check can be immensely helpful. This WordPress Spell Check plugin is designed to spell check entire WordPress websites, highlighting errors for easy correction. By ensuring error-free content, businesses can maintain a polished image and retain customer trust.

What solutions does WordPress offer for managing spelling errors on sites?

WordPress provides various plugins and tools to assist in managing spelling errors on websites. One such solution is WP Spell Check, a plugin designed specifically for WordPress sites. WP Spell Check can help users identify and correct spelling errors with one click, contributing to the overall quality of website content.