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Why we built WP Spell Check?

I ran a Digital Marketing Agency for 8 years and we offered Web design, maintenance and Search engine Optimization services to our clients. From time to time, customers would call me and complain about spelling errors on their websites. One time, one of my customers called and said: “Mostafa, Why the hell is my name misspelled on Google? “ And Since our team made the mistake, I didn’t know what to say! … Another time we realized that we have been sending paid traffic to one of our own landing pages and the Shortcode for the opt-in form on the page was broken. We realized a couple of weeks after we didn’t get any opt-ins. We found out that the plugin was deactivated, all the ad money was wasted, and we were embarrassed in front of our visitors. This was costing our customers and us in credibility and sales. We even lost a couple of customers and as you can imagine, it was very painful! So I said to myself: This can NOT happen again!!

Why we built the plugin?

With other softwares and browser extensions, we had to go through our websites page-by-page to find and fix the errors; and we don’t have the time or the manpower to do that. Especially on large websites, it was impossible to find and fix the errors! Imagine a site with 10,000 pages! Good luck fixing that!

 Studies and research showed that spelling errors reduce sales by 44%. When the mistakes were fixed, sales jumped up right away! Other studies have shown that spelling and grammar errors make a huge impact on a company’s reputation, brand, and sales over all.

Therefore, we needed a solution to proofread and audit the entire website with One Click, and within a few seconds!

Since we launched in 2015, WP Spell Check has been downloaded over 48,000 times all over the world. Every day we continue to improve the plugin and our services, and work hard to deliver the best product to our users.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable companies to build a professional online image

Our Values:

Here are the core values that we keep in mind while working on our plugin and services:

  • Think like a customer
  • Image and presentation matters
  • Simple/Lean is the way to go
  • Nothing less than super happy customers
  • Our team is family
  • Small details are Huge
  • Be quick but get the job done

Mostafa Hosseini, CEO, Founder @WPSpellCheck

Our team

Mostafa Hosseini

Mostafa Hosseini

Founder, CEO

Mostafa Hosseini and founder and CEO of WP Spell Check. He is a father, business owner, skier and and avid reader.

James Silver


James is a software engineer with 7+ years of experience in WordPress and web development. He enjoys reading, gaming, and hockey.

Sam Hosseini

Sam Hosseini

Technical Advisor

Sam is a senior solution architect and software engineer with +18 years of experience in analysis, design, development, and implementation of the various enterprise to mid-size web-based applications. He is experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web project and has a strong background in management and leadership.  A proved leader with excellent interpersonal and motivational abilities to develop collaborative relationships among high-functioning teams. Exceptional problem solver with an aptitude for troubleshooting and the ability to quickly master new skills, technology or role, and interact smoothly and effectively with peers.

Tracy Childers

Strategy Advisor

Tracy Childers is the President and Co-Founder of online software development company, WishList Products. WishList Member, the company’s signature product, is a powerful yet easy to use plugin that turns any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site. Business owners, authors, and information publishers across the globe have used WishList Member to power more than 97,046 membership sites, online courses and communities since 2008. Tracy lives in Park City, Utah with his wife Amy and three teenage children along with their miniature dachshund. Tracy enjoys Snowboarding, Mountain Biking and Running.

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