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Why we built WP Spell Check...

Here is our story about why we built the WordPress Spell checker plugin, WP Spell Check? 

During my 8 years running a Marketing Agency, we did Web design, maintenance, and Search Engine Optimization for our clients.

Imagine this: clients calling to complain about typos on their WordPress sites.

Once, a client called, fuming: “Mostafa, why’s my name spelled wrong on Google?”

Our bad, and I was stumped for words!

Then, we goofed up big time. Unknowingly, we directed paid traffic to a landing page with a broken opt-in form.

Weeks later, zero opt-ins!

Discovered the optin-form had ghosted us, cash burned, and blush-worthy moment in front of our visitors.

Credibility and sales took a hit, lost a couple of customers – the pain was real!

I said to myself: “No way, not happening again!”

How is this WordPress Spell check plugin different?

With other software and browser extensions, fixing errors on our websites meant going through each page.

Time and manpower? Scarce resources.

Large websites? A nightmare, especially envisioning a site with 10,000 pages – good luck sorting that out!

Research shows a 44% dip in sales because of spelling errors.

Fix those blunders, and sales shoot up immediately!

Other studies show how spelling and grammar mistakes can hurt a company’s brand.

The challenge was clear: we needed a WordPress spell checker plugin to proofread the entire WordPress site in a matter of seconds!

Since our launch in 2015, WP Spell Check has been downloaded and used globally.

We’re committed to refining the plugin, enhancing our services, and striving to deliver the finest product to our users.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable companies to build a professional online image

Our Values:

Here are the core values that we keep in mind while working on our plugin and services:

  • Think like a customer
  • Image and presentation matters
  • Simple/Lean is the way to go
  • Nothing less than super happy customers
  • Our team is family
  • Small details are Huge
  • Be quick but get the job done

To your massive success

Mostafa Hosseini

Founder @ WPSpellCheck

Our team

WordPress Spell checker plugin

Mostafa Hosseini

Founder, CEO

Mostafa Hosseini and founder and CEO of WP Spell Check. He is a father, business owner, skier and and avid reader.

James Silver


James is a software engineer with 10+ years of experience in WordPress and web development. He enjoys reading, gaming, and hockey.

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How do I check for spelling errors in my WordPress website pages?

You can install WP Spell Check on your WordPress site and run a sitewide scan to find and fix spelling and grammar errors. The plugin also helps you optimize SEO for WordPress sites.