What are the best WordPress plugins to speed up images & page load time?

Here are a few plugins you can use to speed up your WordPress websites:

  1. Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster (Unload Chosen Scripts & Styles from Posts/Pages to reduce HTTP Requests, Combine/Minify CSS/JS files)
  2. BJ Lazy Load (Lazy image loading makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth.)
  3. Smush (For image size optimization)
  4. WP Disable (disables some unused items to speed up the site)
  5. WP Fastest Cache (catching plugin that speeds up your pages)
  6. WP-Sweep (cleaning up our DataBase with this plugin made our website load time 1 second faster)
  7. WordFence: If you use Wordfence, there are some options that will help you speed up the website. Just Google: How Speed up WordFence.

Speed plays a major role in conversion rates and providing better user experience for your website visitors.

Use the plugins mentioned above to speed up your WordPress website and improve your conversion rates.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.