Plugin Update: V 7.1.2

WP Spell Check 7.2.1 was just released with the following changes.

  • Fixed a fatal error caused by an array index out of range

If you come across an error on our plugin, please visit our support page to report it. We do extensive testing before releasing a new version, but we may not be able to catch all the errors that are created because of the many different ways WordPress can be set up.

  • Fixed a bug where a word containing "'s" and some other characters would not get updated.

This error happened when a word had " 's " in it. With the following example, "word's,word," edits and changes were not going through. This error was fixed.

  • Pro version: fixed an issue where the UPDATE notice would not show up on the Plugins page for the Pro version. To get this fix, please download the new pro version on the Download page.
  • Updated the count on Spell Check results page to group errors with case sensitivity

Because the spell check edit function is case sensitive, we made the counter on the Pro scan case sensitive so that the counter number would not be confusing.

  • Improvements to the editor page highlight code

Some words were not getting highlighted with on-page scans and the front-end yellow highlight code (Pro feature) was having similar issues. This update fixed those highlighting issues.

  • other bug fixes and improvements

If you have any questions or suggestions for our plugin, feel free to reach out to us.