WP Spell Check Open AI Setup

How to Get your OpenAI API Key

Step 1: Get OpenAI API Key

Go to the following website to get your OpenAI API Key: https://platform.openai.com/account/api-keys

You will need to create an OpenAI account, or log in with an existing Google account.

Once you are on the API Keys page, click on the “+ Create new secret key” button. This will show a popup with your OpenAI Key.

Note: Once generated, you cannot view a secret key again. If you lose your key, you will need to generate a new one.

OPenai seo integration

Step 2: Input API Key into WP Spell Check

Copy your OpenAI API Key from step 1 into the API Key text box at the top of the SEO Empty Fields page on WP Spell Check and click “Save Key”.

openai integration with WP Spell check

Step 3: Run SEO Empty Fields Scan

Run a SEO Empty Fields scan  for either Page SEO or Post SEO.

When using the Edit feature for  SEO Page Title, SEO Post Title, SEO Page Description, or SEO Post Description you will see a “Generate SEO Title/Description with AI”. Press this button, and the title or description will automatically fill the text field above. This may take a few seconds to generate.

Once generated you can edit the suggestion as desired, and continue to edit any additional empty fields you wish to edit. Once done, press the “Save All Changes” button at the top or bottom of the table.