Broken code/ Short Code

When visitors see broken code and broken Shortcodes on your website instead of proper content, they leave your website right away. This will hurt your reputation, your brand and it will reduce your sales and revenues.

Short code example:

[gallery-gt 7752]

Broken HTML code example:

style=”font-weight: bold;” Perfectly Suited for…

Since proper content is not displayed on your web page, once Google’s search bot notices the errors, it will index the page with errors and it will start lowering your SEO ranking.

WP Spell Check sends you a notification when it finds errors on your website so you can have your team fix them right away. You can also hire our team of experts to fix the errors for you. For more info visit

According to, “A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort.

Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut.”

Examples of Shortcodes would include:

  • [audio-g gf321]
  • [caption-s small 654]
  • [embed-t video 543]
  • [galleryly gnx 8]
  • [playlister new author 82019]
  • [videoz id=”8765″ size= medium]
  • [galleryly id=”456″ size=”large”]

For example, by using any of the Shortcodes above, you can display a video, a caption, an image gallery, and other kinds of content.

Shortcodes break when:

  • A plugin releases an update and the shortcode format is no longer supported
  • The shortcode has the wrong format or a spelling error
  • The plugin using the shortcode is deactivated for many reasons
  • And more

A shortcode would be displayed on the output of your page and proper content would NOT be displayed for your visitors.

For example, you would have a contact form not showing, a gallery not showing or a slider would disappear and all visitor will see is simple shortcode such as

[playlist-gt 123]


When you have missing or unbalanced HTML tags in your website files, sometime html code may be displayed on the output of the page instead of proper content.

This will increase bounce rate and reduce sales and conversions on your website. It is also embarrassing and it hurts your company’s reputation and brand.

Therefore it is important to know when these issues and errors appear on your website and fix them right away to avoid embarrassment and displaying an unprofessional image. 

Contact your webmaster or our experienced team with the URL of the page containing the broken code and have them fix the issue ASAP.

Please note: fixing broken code HTML is not included with the purchase of the plugin.

Please continue with a support ticket for more information on our done for you auditing and proofreading services. 

When a shortcode is not working on your WordPress website, it will be displayed on the HTML output of the page as such: [contact form content 8768768g].

WP Spell Check scans and finds the ones that are not working and displays them on the results page so you can fix the shortcodes and get your website to properly function again.

You first need to find the root cause of the broken shortcode.

  • A plugin updates and the shortcode is no longer supported
  • The shortcode has the wrong format or spelling error — the shortcode is missing a [ or ]
  • The plugin using the shortcode is deactivated.
  • A plugin is no longer supported and is removed from the WordPress depository
  • And more

Sometimes by activating the plugin, the shortcode will start working again and the problem is fixed. If you are not sure what to do, contact your webmaster to find the root cause of the error and fix the issue or contact our experienced team for additional support.

Please note, fixing Shortcodes for your website is not included in the purchase of WP Spell Check. 


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