There are varieties of reasons that an API key might not work. To fix this, you can try the following options:

  • Make sure BOTH the Base version and the Pro version are installed and Active.
  • Ensure that the API Key has been entered correctly
  • Log into your profile page and check that your account has not expired.

If the problem persists, go ahead with a support ticket.

Currently our plugin support American, Canadian, and British English. To select your language, visit the Options page on the plugin and select the appropriate language for your website.

We have plans to add other languages to the list in the future. If you are not seeing your language and would like it to be added, please go ahead with a support ticket and let us know.

Emails can sometimes be blocked by hosting providers. To ensure emails can be properly delivered try using the plugin WP Mail SMTP plugin on your website. 

Email notifications are especially important and useful for webmasters and agencies to make sure they are notified about errors so that they can fix the errors ASAP! Failure to do so may cause in reduction of sales and losing SEO rankings.

The “Clean up Database and Deactivate button” will go through, remove all database entries that WP Spell Check has created, and then deactivate itself. If you wish to continue, using WP Spell Check after, you can reactivate it on the WordPress plugins page. Clicking on this button will delete all the words that you added to My Dictionary and the Ignore list.

YES. Backing up your database and other components of your WordPress website is generally recommended. Please make sure your website is ALWAYS backed up. 

We do not take responsibility for any arising conflicts with other third party plugins.

The article below shows a few options for WordPress backup plugins that you can choose from. You may also ask your webmaster or your hosting company about backup options as well.