Spelling Errors Ruin Your Credibility

Wordpress website Spelling Errors Ruin Your Credibility - wp spell check

The Importance of Spelling

Some people don't think that spelling matters very much, or that a few typos on a page won't hurt.

Unfortunately, a document that's littered with spelling errors can damage your reputation, and even keep customers away.

Your Website's First Impression

Your website is the public face of your business. It provides a first impression that sticks with a customer, so it needs to be polished.

But spelling errors and typographical errors jeopardize that first impression and make you look careless.

Impression and Credibility

A customer may assume you just didn't care enough to create a solid website, before you put it online for the world to see.

If they come away with the impression that you don't care about your website, how will they think you'll handle their business?

Spelling Reflects Knowledge

People also associate good spelling with education and social class.

A well-written, error-free website makes you or your business look knowledgeable.

Even a few errors on your website can make your customers wonder if you really know what you're talking about, or if you really possess the credentials you claim.

Impact on Comprehension

Errors also distract a reader and negatively affect their comprehension.

A document that's filled with spelling and usage errors may be frustrating to read, or even difficult to understand. You only have so much time to grab a customer's attention, especially online.

If it's too much trouble to figure out what you're talking about, your customers will just head off to a competitor's site.

Human Nature and Oversight

Reading through your website before uploading it may catch some errors, but not all.

It's human nature to miss WordPress spelling errors in documents you wrote, and even professional editors have stories about embarrassing mistakes that got past them.

Solution: WordPress Spell Check Plugin

Thankfully, our WordPress spell check plugin catches and helps correct spelling errors on your site with one click!

Try the free version of WP Spell Check, and focus on your website's content, knowing that the spelling's taken care of.

You can also check our tutorial on how to proofread your WordPress Website


Why does spelling matter on a WordPress website?

Spelling matters because it reflects professionalism and attention to detail. A website with spelling errors can damage your reputation and deter potential customers.

How do spelling errors impact credibility?

Spelling errors can give the impression that you are careless or lack knowledge. Customers may question your credibility and wonder if you truly understand your business or industry.

What is the relationship between spelling and comprehension?

Spelling errors can distract readers and negatively affect their understanding of your content. A document filled with errors may be difficult to read and comprehend, leading to frustration for the reader.

Can't I just proofread my website to catch spelling errors?

While proofreading can help catch some errors, it's human nature to overlook mistakes, especially in content you've written yourself. Even professional editors miss errors.

How can I ensure my website is free from spelling errors?

Using tools like the WP Spell Check, a WordPress spell check plugin, can help. This plugin catches and corrects spelling errors, allowing you to focus on your website's content with confidence in its accuracy.