Plugin Performance Questions

When running a scan, WP Spell Check gives you an estimate for how long it will take based on the number of pages , posts, media files etc. that your website has. Depending on your web server’s computing power, your scanning times may be higher or lower than the estimated time.

This error can happen because of insufficient PHP memory on the server. To confirm this, check your server’s PHP error log. Our plugin (WP Spell Check) tends to stay on the Scan mode indefinitely. To stop it, click on Stop Scans button. 

If you are seeing this error then you will need to increase your PHP memory limit to one of the following:

– 256 MB

– 512 MB

Check with your hosting provider to see what is the maximum amount of memory available to your website.

If you have Javascript disabled on your web browser, our plugin may not work properly. To make sure WP Spell Check can work properly, make sure that Javascript is NOT blocked on your web browser. To activate Javascript on your browser, go to a search engine and search for “How to activate Javascript on [YOUR BROWSER NAME]”.

WP Spell Check is designed to handle websites with tens of thousands of pages and posts. Please check out packages on our pricing page to find the right package for your business.   

Our team of experienced proofreaders and developers can also help you find and fix errors on your website and stop embarrassments and loss of sales.

If you don’t find the right package on our, please contact our sales team through support ticket.

Please go ahead with a support ticket with the error logs and screenshot of the problem, and we will look into it ASAP. Thank you.